Day: November 17, 2022


Fall is a busy time for squirrels as they prepare for the approach of winter.  It looked like this red squirrel was gathering nesting material for its winter accommodation.BE PREPARED

Lest we forget.

During  the  two  wars they also served who stayed behind. Remember the women left back home. They made the ammunition for Tommy Dangerous work,they died too it was not funny. Women became officers of the law Something never heard of before. Nurses, drivers  even pilots for planes Remember  them  we  will never  know  their  names … Continue reading Lest we forget.


Dark grey skies are expected,scattered tears fill up the day,deep unease is projected,sense deep peace may lead the way. Search inside,then decide,inner guide,or cold pride. Overcast swiftly passes,drags along brisk doubtful thoughts.Calmness drizzles, love splashes,dappled sun rays offer support. Swiftly healhow heart feels,ego peels,light reveals. Puffy clouds carry raindrops,to expose bright rainbow hues,hydrate worn dry … Continue reading View