The Investigators, Inc. Mystery Of The Beginning. Chapter 13.

“Okay Andy,” said John, “I will drop you off at this cafe and will be back to pick you up after I finish some business. Whatever you do, be careful, the police are looking for us after that job we did, so stay out of sight. There is also a team of PI’s looking for […]

The Investigators, Inc. Mystery Of The Beginning. Chapter 13.

Spotting wildlife in the Galápagos Islands

For many years I wanted to visit the Galápagos: to walk on these remote islands where unique species thrive, where Darwin first developed the ideas that would change our understanding of nature, and where animals have never learned to fear humankind. In 2012 I realised my dream; and fortunately, it more than lived up to my expectations!

Spotting wildlife in the Galápagos Islands

The Climb II – segments 6 & 7

The clump of young pine trees was only fifty yards from them. Slowly they made their way through the thicket to where they had heard the sound a minute before. When they got to the pines everything was very still. The only sounds they heard were the birds overhead and the gurgling stream behind them. […]

The Climb II – segments 6 & 7

a day to remember.

the great blizzards and a birthday – michigan history! today is the anniversary of two of michigan’s greatest blizzards. which both started on the same date January 26th, one in 1967 and the other in 1978.  also on this date my brother scott, was born in 1965 under clear skies. happy birthday! — The 1965 […]

a day to remember.

#WeekendCoffeeShare – It’s been a week, alright

Hello and welcome to another #weekendcoffeeshare! Please come in, grab yourself something hot to drink, and let’s chat. If you want, I can pluck a few tender spinach leaves from my indoor garden and make an omelet. My veggies are needing a trim again. It’s barely been a week since their last trim. The one […]

#WeekendCoffeeShare – It’s been a week, alright

The Cliffs of Moher

It’s been a long time now that Visual Verse hasn’t wanted anything of mine, and this is certainly one they wouldn’t want. If you’d like to join in, the prompt image is here. The Cliffs of Moher Where the dark Cliffs of Moher gaze out on the sea,There is one that I look for who’s […]

The Cliffs of Moher

So, Have You Made It? by Bogdan Dragos

Originally posted on MasticadoresIndia // Editora: Terveen Gill: Image: Snappa the bus seat creaked and roared with protest as he sat down He ignored it and looked out the window It won’t be that long of a journey but it’ll be the most painful one He was going home After all the years spent chasing dreams…

So, Have You Made It? by Bogdan Dragos

The Otherworld #poetry #earthweal

There is an Otherworldat the edge of our perception more real than our store-bought reality It shines through us, always we shield our eyes because we cannot face its light,its truth There is an Otherworld between nature and super-naturecurtain pulled back on the bleeding heart of earthashes to ashescrust into mantle crust In Hawai’i residents of the Royal Gardens […]

The Otherworld #poetry #earthweal

I’ve Found My Feet

I’ve found my feetway down, below.My life’s completewith my big toe And, pinky, too…and all the rest –the names of who(m)I’ve only guessed. The point, you see,is they’re all there;standing, waiting:my feet, a pair. -At least, I thought,as in I sucked,a glimpse I caughtpast tummy, tucked. ©2022 Chel Owens Photo by Kat Smith from Pexels A follow-up, just […]

I’ve Found My Feet


It takes will to pass each day,detect truths from all the fake.Allow guides to lead the way,decide which view one should take. So much more to feel concrete,make the right choice to believe,many stories hold deceit,often wrongs provide relief. Some lies are smooth to swallow,but cause guilts that feel hollow ,sad thoughts are hard to […]


The flowers brome…

I sat next to a flower once, bold and dared, growing through the ground, making its way into the ether air. It perplexed me, in mid sentence, I stared, as a whisper came forth from the flower’s brome, hard to grasp in its block and form. As the words mingled within me, and I stared […]

The flowers brome…

Mules in the CBI and their Veterinarians

Merrill’s Marauders We often comment on the animals who help us, especially in war, BUT the Veterinarians who care for them are very rarely given a voice… I received a message from Lavinia Ross @ Salmon Brook Farms about her veterinarian, D.E. Larsen, DVM and his mentor, Robert W. Davis, DVM, Please visit to read! “GP, […]

Mules in the CBI and their Veterinarians

GK Malayalam – Indian Constitution Part 1

Nelson MCBS

Indian Constitution – ഇന്ത്യൻ ഭരണഘടന – General knowledge

1) ഇന്ത്യൻ ഭരണഘടനാ ശിൽപ്പി

2) ഒരു ജനാധിപത്യ രാജ്യത്തിലെ അടിസ്ഥാന നിയമസംഹിതയാണ്…?

3) നിലവിലുള്ള ലിഖിത ഭരണഘടനകളിൽ ഏറ്റവും ബൃഹത്തായ ഭരണഘടന ഏതാണ്?

4) ലിഖിത ഭരണഘടനകളിൽ ഏറ്റവും ചെറുതും പഴക്കമുള്ളതുമായ ഭരണഘടന ഏത്?

5) അലിഖിത ഭരണഘടനയുള്ള രണ്ടുരാജ്യങ്ങൾ

6) ഭരണഘടന എന്ന ആശയം ഉദയം ചെയ്തത് എവിടെ?

7) ലിഖിത ഭരണഘടന നിലവിൽ വന്ന ആദ്യ രാജ്യം ഏത്?

8) അമേരിക്കൻ ഭരണഘടനയുടെ പിതാവ്

9) ലോകത്തിലെ ഏറ്റവും വലിയ ജനാധിപത്യരാജ്യം

10) ലോകത്തിലെ ആദ്യ ജനാധിപത്യ രാജ്യം

1) ഡോക്ടർ ബി ആർ അംബേദ്കർ
2) ഭരണഘടന
3) ഇന്ത്യൻ ഭരണഘടന
4) അമേരിക്കൻ ഭരണഘടന
5) ബ്രിട്ടൺ, ഇസ്രായേൽ
6) ബ്രിട്ടൺ
7) അമേരിക്ക
8) ജെയിംസ് മാഡിസൺ
9) ഇന്ത്യ
10) ഗ്രീസ്

Collected and Texted by Elsa Mary Joseph

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